Máscara de Silicone e Bocal de Silicone do Aspirador Nasal

medical silicone mask / Jan Huei K.H. Industry Co., Ltd. Good choice for custom silicone products.

LSR & Solid Silicone Rubber Injection

LSR & Solid Silicone Rubber Injection

LSR & Solid Silicone Rubber Injection technology can improve the production capability and reduce the pollution of material. It apply to high transmission, high cleanliness and high-volume of products.

Silicone Seal Combined with Various Materials

Silicone Seal Combined with Various Materials

The silicone product combined with different material or multi-color is suitable for using compression molding. Compression molding technology not only can undertake small batch of production but also be an economical choice.


Máscara de Silicone In-House & Bocal de Silicone do Fabricante do Aspirador Nasal | Jan Huei

Localizado em Taiwan,Jan Huei K.H. Industry Co., Ltd., desde 1988, é fabricante de produtos de silicone. Produto principal, incluindo componentes eletrônicos, peças móveis, peças mecânicas, peças esportivas, peças médicas, pés de borracha industriais, amortecedores anti-choque, borrachas compostas (com plástico, metal, tecido, Teflon).

RoHS, REACH, SDS, produtos de silicone certificados com classificação de fogo UL e peças com tecnologias de moldagem por injeção de silicone e moldagem por compressão de silicone. Moldagem por compressão a vácuo para produzir junta de silicone, vedação, ilhó, teclado de silicone ou uma pequena quantidade de produtos de silicone, etc.

Jan Huei oferece silicone líquido de alta qualidade, borracha de silicone e peças metálicas de silicone, ambos com tecnologia avançada e 30 anos de experiência, Jan Huei garante que as demandas de cada cliente sejam atendidas.

Silicone Mask & Silicone Nozzle of Nasal Aspirator

medical silicone mask

Silicone mask of Inhaled Corticosteroid & silicone nozzle of Nasal aspirator.
Silicone mask of Inhaled Corticosteroid & silicone nozzle of Nasal aspirator.

With a team of experts who understand the requirements of silicone manufacturing, let Jan Huei solve your problem and provide the best solution to you. This case study is from our medical industry customer who is looking for mask and nozzle made of silicone. Because our products comply with RoHS and Reach specifications, customers trust us and cooperate in the development of silicone products.

The size of silicone mask of inhaled corticosteroid is 100mm x 80mm and the size of silicone nozzle of nasal aspirator is 10mm x 30mm. Regarding the molding technology, both the injection molding and compression molding can manufacture the medical silicone parts. The parts that care about the transparency and cleanliness are appropriate to choose injection molding to produce. Otherwise, the parts that need to combine with other material can choose compression molding to produce.

The advantage of medical-grade silicone

Medical-grade silicone is a soft and safe material and reduce allergy to skin. It can even use in infants and young children. Silicone is flexible, easy to disassemble and easy to clean, and can be reused for a long time. It is a kind of environmentally friendly material.

Why Choose Us?

Jan Huei could customize medical grade silicone products; we could provide our suggestion to customers. Customer could choose the method of production by injection molding or compression molding; we could provide customers with multiple choices. We passed the ISO 13485 certification, which is high quality for the production process and quality control in medical silicone products, ensuring the safety of customers when using the products. We can customized manufacture products in the volume at least 1K and provide the stably quality control.


  • Medical Grade Silicone.
  • Material Feature: Biocompatibility, Insulation, Heat Resistant
  • Material passed by RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive).


  • Mold: Injection Molding, Compression Molding
  • Size: Customized
  • Color: Customized
  • Texture: Medical Grade Silicone

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