What is the temperature tolerance of silicone rubber products?

Silicone Rubber Material Characteristics and Applications

What is the temperature tolerance of silicone rubber products?

Silicone Rubber Material Characteristics and Applications
Silicone Rubber Material Characteristics and Applications

Silicone product could withstand -40°C to 250°C; rubber could withstand -20°C to 100°C generally. According to different materials, rubber has different temperature resistance. Some rubber could withstand higher temperature such as FKM may undergo 200°C. Silicone has better heat resistance than rubber. If it is not use in special condition such as benzene and ether solvents, it is the most suitable material for thermal insulation.

Silicone rubber with different material properties can be added with pigments or printed colored into commercial products. Through silicone injection OEM services, silicone compression molding and other manufacturing methods, it is widely used in industrial applications such as mechanical electronics and electric vehicle industries. Medical and daily necessities, etc. Through the comparison table below, you can better understand the industries that different materials are suitable for. Jhanhui is committed to providing customers with a more competitive market space, increasing production capacity and reducing costs for you, and matching the delivery date.

Silicone Rubber Material Characteristics and Applications

  • waterproof
  • Anti-chemical
  • High light Transmittance
  • Anti-UV
  • Electrical
  • Anti-UV
  • Low tensile
  • Not anti-abrasion and tearing
  • Not anti-fuel oil
  • Not anti benzene
Applied in Electronic, Medical,Food. E.g. silicone keypad, silicone tableware, medical-grade silicone tube
  • Anti-oil, Hydroxide liquids such as ethanol
  • Anti-abrasion, anti-tensile, flexibility
  • Resistant alkali but not resistance acid
  • Easy Aging
  • Become viscosity when heated
  • Easy to expansion in mineral oil
Applied in Tire, shoes
  • Anti-oil, waterproof
  • ageing resistance
  • Wear resistance
  • Not anti polar solvent
Applied in anti oil seal, grommet
  • Wear resistance
  • tensile
  • heat resistance
  • anti-ozone
  • Anti-corrosion, Anti-chemical
  • Anti-deformation
  • Not resist alcohols, esters & aromatic solution
For automotive and refining industries.E.g. Intake duct, air conditioner seal
  • Flexibility, anti-deformation
  • Fireproof and flame resistant
  • Anti-edible oil, Anti-UV, Anti-Ozone
  • Not resistance strong acid
Applied in household appliances. E.g. Seal, Grommet, Waterproof tape
  • Less impurities, transparent color
  • Anti-aging
  • Hygroscopicity
For shoes, medical parts. E.g. pacifier
  • Anti-oil
  • Anti-Ozone
  • Heat-resistant
  • Electrical insulation
  • Expensive, not resistant strong alkali
  • Not low temperature resistance
  • Not resist esters, Ketones
Applied in high temperature circumstances, drug resistance. E.g. Seal used in waterproof lamp
  • High temperature resistance, anti-aging, anti-Ozone, flexibility
  • Anti ethanol and esters
  • Anti-Ozone & oxidation
  • Not Anti-oil
Applied in wiper strips, gaskets, etc.


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