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Customized Service for Silicone Rubber Product

Jan Huei Customized Silicone Rubber Product Processes
Jan Huei Customized Silicone Rubber Product Processes

Jan Huei is a OEM silicone production factory. We can produce customized silicone products for customers worldwide. Our core technology injection molding technology and compression molding technology can be widely used in various products. The content of the customized service ranges from mold development, prototype making, semi-finished product processing, secondary processing, quality inspection, packaging, and shipping. At present, we have long-term cooperation experience with customers in the United States and Australia, we think our customized service is worthy of everyone's trust.

Silicone Rubber Product Design Drawings

After the customer has a complete idea of the silicone rubber product and convert into 3D drawing, we can begin to discuss closely with the customer and assist in the design. We must clearly understand product design concepts and purpose of customer design in order to provide professional advice on material selection. For example, silicone products for industrial or sports applications usually requires high frequency of using or subject to external impact friction, so silicone needs to be elastic and abrasion resistant.

Silicone Rubber Product Mold Developing and Proofing

After the silicone rubber product design of the drawing is confirmed, the test mold will be developed first, and a small amount of samples will be made for customers to confirm. Some customers want to skip the test mold developing because it only used for testing. We strongly recommend that the customer must develop the test mold for verification. This step is important for the customer; it can assist customers to understand characteristics and functionality of the product, which can save time and costs to adjust detail. We can provide test data for customers to verify the design such as tensile test, abrasion test. According to the complex of mold, the developing time of mass production molds is about 20 to 30 days. After the production of molds is completed, the first sample of production will provide to confirm for customers.

Silicone Rubber Processing

According to the silicone rubber product process, the semi product will process secondary process, such as deburring, printing, spraying, engraving, labeling, surface treatment and other items. After processed, silicone rubber product can increase the value of the product. For example, the silicone buttons are printed to highlight the functionality of each button. After laser engraving, assembly line could identify the product of silicone combined with metal, which had engraved the serial number or batch number.

Quality Control for Silicone Rubber Product

The quality control person inspects all silicone rubber products in accordance with the specifications. Then, the quality assurance person double-checked whether the silicone rubber product was qualified with AQL sampling inspection standard. If the customer has testing requirements such as tensile test, abrasion test, etc., QA will provide an out-going quality control report when shipping.

Silicone Rubber Product Packaging & Shipping

If the customer does not have packaging specifications for silicone rubber product, the packaging staff will follow our packaging method. The packer will determine the quantity of each bag according to the structure of the silicone rubber product to prevent it from being squeezed and deformed for a long time. Depending on the size of silicone rubber product, packer will used different PE bags for packaging.

Customized the Size of Silicone Parts and the Combination of Silicone and Different Materials

Jan Huei has 30 years of development experience in the combination of silicone and different materials such as silicone and plastic, silicone and rubber, silicone and metal, silicone and magnet, silicone and cloth, silicone and glass, silicone and FPC, silicone and wire, silicone and Energy powder and other materials. We can manufacture the customized silicone product that sizes within 450mm x 450mm.

Customized Silicone Parts and Quality Inspection

Jan Huei pays attention to quality control of customized silicone rubber product, and advice on materials, assistance in designing product structure, and supports customer silicone rubber product measurement and testing. Our inspection equipment includes life tester, RCA, electrostatic tester, tension machine, key load curve testing machine, hardness tester, ohmmeter and 2.5D projector instruction. We will displayed accurate quantify test data in the shipping report.

Jan Huei is not only a good partner for your customized production, but also the best team to assist you in integrating processes.


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Located in Taiwan since 1988, Jan Huei K.H. Industry Co., Ltd. specializes in custom silicone products, including silicone buttons and silicone combined with various materials. Their main silicone products include, silicone combined with iron, silicone membrane of stethoscope, silicone protective case, silicone button and liquid silicone rubber injection molding machine. Jan Huei has achieved ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certification, underscoring their commitment to quality and standards.

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