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Production Process

JH Production Process
JH Production Process

Quality requirements are the highest policy of Jan Huei. In each production process, we strictly control to ensure the stability of the product and the fluency of the process. When the sales receives the order, the sales will pass the information to the production control. Production control will arrange the production schedule according to the standard operating procedures of the product, and then carry out the production. Providing satisfactory quality is our primary goal, so we implement the control of each production process through ISO production procedures.

Step 1 : Preparation and Color Comparison

In order to achieve fast and accurate quality, Jan Huei insists on checking from raw materials. Before production, technicians are responsible for color matching and mixing according to the specifications of the product. After mixing, the operator produces hardness blocks and provides IPQC (In-Process Quality Control) to confirm whether the color and hardness meet product specifications. If the color and hardness exceed the tolerance range, the technician adjusts immediately and compares it again.

Step 2 : Production

After IPQC confirms the material, the supervisor sets the temperature, time, pressure and production according to the standard specifications. The operator should provide the first sample and let IPQC inspects the first sample. The first sample inspection includes size, load, etc. The production will start unless the inspection is out of the tolerance range.

Step 3 : Process Inspection

During the production process, IPQC should be regularly inspected daily to ensure quality until the product is offline. In addition, our operators are trained to have a high degree of awareness of the appearance. If the operator has abnormal conditions in production, he will immediately inform the supervisor, and the supervisor will adjust to achieve stable and fast quality.

Step 4 : Processing

Each product is designed by the customer. Most of the silicone appearance parts will have surface processing, including printing, PU, spraying, lightning engraving, dispensing and other processes. According to the product process, Jan Huei communicates the standards, details, and schedules of the processed parts with the processing manufacturers.

Step 5 : Quality Control

The implementation of quality inspection is the standard process of Jan Huei. For cosmetic inspection, quality control is based on quality inspection specifications. Inspection items are mainly defined by customers, including size, hardness, thickness, appearance, printing, burr and other items. About the appearance of standards, you can use the spot gauge card to define the inspection specifications.

Step 6 : Packaging and QA

After the inspection, the quality assurance check the products whether they are qualified the AQL standard. Products cannot be packaged unless they pass the AQL sampling test. The packaging section will pack the qualified products according to the packaging specifications provided by the customer, such as packaging quantity, labeling, and shipping mark, and check the packaging and quantity confirmation. If the customer needs non-standard size packaging bags, Jan Huei will ask the manufacturer to customize, or the customers will provide us with packaging bags and cartons for product packaging. If the customer does not have packaging specifications, we will customize the packaging specifications.

Step 7 : Shipment

Finally, the goods will be delivered according to the customer's delivery date and delivery address. If it is shipped domestically, it can be delivered to the customer's designated location via our driver or an external freight company. For overseas shipments, we can work around your type of shipment like ocean shipment, air freight and express delivery.

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