Silicone Handle

Silicone Handle. / Jan Huei K.H. Industry Co., Ltd. Good choice for custom silicone products.

LSR & Solid Silicone Rubber Injection

LSR & Solid Silicone Rubber Injection

LSR & Solid Silicone Rubber Injection technology can improve the production capability and reduce the pollution of material. It apply to high transmission, high cleanliness and high-volume of products.

Silicone Seal Combined with Various Materials

Silicone Seal Combined with Various Materials

The silicone product combined with different material or multi-color is suitable for using compression molding. Compression molding technology not only can undertake small batch of production but also be an economical choice.


In-House Silicone Handle Manufacturer | Jan Huei

Located in Taiwan, Jan Huei K.H. Industry Co., Ltd., since 1988, is a silicone product manufacturer. Main product, including electronic components, mobile parts, mechanical parts, sporting parts, medical parts, industrial rubber feet, anti-shock dampers, compound (with plastic, metal, cloth, Teflon) rubbers.

RoHS, REACH, SDS, UL fire rating certified silicone products and parts with silicone injection molding and silicone compression molding technologies. Vacuum compression molding to produce silicone gasket, seal, grommet, silicone keypad or a small amount of silicone products, etc.

Jan Huei has been offering high-quality liquid silicone, silicone rubber and silicon metal part, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, Jan Huei ensures each customer's demands are met.

Silicone Handle

Silicone Handle.
Silicone Handle.

According to the product function, different material parts combined with silicone rubber to produce various style handles. The length of the Jan Huei customized handle is about 100mm to 300mm, and the largest size we can customize is about 400mm. Silicone has elasticity, which can not only reduce the discomfort of lifting, but also increase the strength of the handle. Through special production method, we can enclose soft or hard materials in the silicon handle, which is why Jan Huei has won the trust of customers.

Common style of handle is silicone combined with plastic buckle or plastic strips. It is used to suitcases, briefcases and luggage, and so on. Another style of handle is silicone combined with metal, which used to industrial case or electronics applications. To avoid user burn by metal handle, silicone combined with metal, which can prevent heating by metal handle. Compression molding or injection molding can form the handle. In this example, we use compression molding. Whatever both of molding, the key point in molding process is that the metal without damaged, and the silicone is tightly bonded to the metal.


  • The texture is flexible, reducing the feeling of discomfort.
  • Silicone rubber combined with different materials to enhance the strength of the handle.
  • Insulate high temperature and protect hands.


  • Molding: Compression Molding, Injection Molding
  • Size: Maximum Size 400mm
  • Color: Customized
  • Material: Silicone
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