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  • Customized Silicone Wristband
    Customized Silicone Wristband

    Jan Huei has been cooperated with a medical company who aims to improve wearing comfort for baby wristband. The final product is intended to be soft, flexible, waterproof and abrasion-resistant.

  • Silicone Diaphragm of Stethoscope
    Silicone Diaphragm of Stethoscope

    Jan Huei provide a wide variety of custom silicone products specifically for the medical industry. Not only meet or exceed our customer's specifications, we also can do some physical testing such as tensile testing. In this case, we developed silicone auscultation diaphragms less than 0.5mm due to the customer's requirements.

  • Silicone Mask & Silicone Nozzle of Nasal Aspirator
    Silicone Mask & Silicone Nozzle of Nasal Aspirator

    With a team of experts who understand the requirements of silicone manufacturing, let Jan Huei solve your problem and provide the best solution to you. This case study is from our medical industry customer who is looking for mask and nozzle made of silicone. Because our products comply with RoHS and Reach specifications, customers trust us and cooperate in the development of silicone products.

  • Silicone Accessories of Artificial Ocular Tonometer
    Silicone Accessories of Artificial Ocular Tonometer

    Partnered with a medical device company, Jan Huei can help customers produce medical silicone cover featured with elasticity and resilience. The silicone cover in the artificial ocular tonometer is designed with a special structure that could do pressure tests. The size of silicone cover is Φ 20mm x 20mm and it made of different kinds of silicone rubber that could afford different loading pressure. Moreover, this silicone cover is made of medical-grade silicone and has skin-friendly properties.

  • Silicone Goggle for Medical Equipment
    Silicone Goggle for Medical Equipment

    Jan Huei understand how to manufacture a medical-grade silicone with plastic and glass fiber together and how to achieve the outcome you need. The final product for medical industry use must conform to major international safety standards according to RoHS and Reach.

  • FPC with Silicone
    FPC with Silicone

    FPC as the transmission medium could enhance the transmission rate to the USB. The material combined with USB is changed from hard plastic to soft silicone in recently. The FPC, combined with silicone, can be bend moderately and it can be housed in the groove space of the hardware. These changes increase the convenience of using USB.

  • Silicone Protective Case
    Silicone Protective Case

    Silicone protective cases combined with different materials can increase the strength of the force, such as barcode scanner case which size is 170mm x 55mm x 40mm. It is silicone combined with a plastic buckle; its inner layer has mesh silicone structure to absorb vibration; its outer layer of silicone has anti-skidding and comfortable handle.

  • Silicone Seal Combined with differeial material
    Silicone Seal Combined with differeial material

    Jan Huei can customize various kinds of silicone seals combined with different materials, the size of seal are below 400mm. The molding method of silicone seals can be compression molding or injection molding. The purpose of silicone seals is to reduce surface friction and airtightness. The back cover is made up of silicone seal and the aluminum alloy plate. The molding method is solid silicone injection molding. In the mold design, the manufacturing process is improving by the method of burr-free.

  • Silicone Combined with Plastics
    Silicone Combined with Plastics

    The waterproof silicone ear-hook headphone is made by Jan Huei, which has size of 80mm x 40mm. The body of the earphone is plastic, which provides strong rigidity and protects the internal wires. The skin-friendly part is made of medical-grade silicone, which can make it waterproof and increase the wearing comfortableness. We can provide our professional technology to combine two different material such as silicone and plastic (PC).

  • Silicone Combined with Glass
    Silicone Combined with Glass

    JanHuei is expert on LSR molding technology to produce the silicone seal. The silicone seal applied in glass panel can add waterproof function on it. The silicone rubber is combined with glass panel tightly by insert molding. It could be achieve anti-dust and waterproof effect. Considering the type of production, as the same structure, LSR injection molding could enhance production yield 50-80% than compression molding. It also could save the assembly cost and increase production capacity. Therefore, most customers start to choose this kind of production way to produce waterproof product.

  • Optical-grade LSR lens
    Optical-grade LSR lens

    The light transmittance of ordinary silicone material is only 75%, so the finished product after molding will show semi-transparent color; but the light transmittance of optical-grade silicone material can reach 95%, so it is suitable for making products with high transparency. The difficulty and molding conditions for making optical-grade silicone parts are stricter than those for general silicone parts, whether it is in terms of mold, raw material hardness, raw material life and other conditions. Because optical-grade silicone parts are special, the minimum of per batch is more than 20KG.

  • Silicone Rubber Combined with Metal
    Silicone Rubber Combined with Metal

    Offering wide range of customer-specific requirements made of silicone components combined with metal such as steel, aluminum, brass and other metals. For example, crash pad uses silicone to protect the parts from impact damage, metal parts can avoid deformation. Our products with silicone metal bonding are heat and UV-resistant.

  • Silicone Handle
    Silicone Handle

    According to the product function, different material parts combined with silicone rubber to produce various style handles. The length of the Jan Huei customized handle is about 100mm to 300mm, and the largest size we can customize is about 400mm. Silicone has elasticity, which can not only reduce the discomfort of lifting, but also increase the strength of the handle. Through special production method, we can enclose soft or hard materials in the silicon handle, which is why Jan Huei has won the trust of customers.

  • Silicone Rubber Seal
    Silicone Rubber Seal

    Offering silicone seals in custom configurations that are customized to customer's specific needs. Application of silicone seal is widely, we can see seal range from precision parts to industry machine. You can place the silicone seal in the grooves or gaps of the mechanical equipment to fit on the surface of the mechanical equipment to achieve airtightness and prevent wear. We can provide many styles of silicone seals, such as O-rings, X-rings, Y-rings, C-rings, V-rings, and star-shaped seals with colors, the hardness and so on. They are all resistant to extreme temperatures, UV and ozone exposure.

  • Silicone Telescopic Tube
    Silicone Telescopic Tube

    By using compression molding or injection molding process, Jan Huai can form the telescopic tube and offer custom length of tube in any size customers want. In this example, we use compression molding to manufacture the tube and use silicone rubber in order to meeting the environmental protection. In case, you need materials with better weather resistance and abrasion resistance, we can choose EPDM to manufacture the product. The tube of mechanism in the optical telescopic is most important for dustproof and waterproof. Because the mechanism covered with electronic components to control the movement of the lens, and the tube could protect the mechanism avoid to dust attached and damaged when the lens movement.

  • Thermal Insulator Pad
    Thermal Insulator Pad

    Silicone is one of the heat insulation materials and it has weather resistance, heat insulation. It is usually used as thermal insulation materials for electronic products, industrial metals, medical instruments, and daily necessities. Silicone thermal insulation pads are used in daily necessities, such as silicone coasters and silicone potholder.

  • Silicone Strips
    Silicone Strips

    Silicone strips are not only widely used in life, but also used in the technology industry, such as temperature-resistant silicone strips, which used as an intermediate material to isolate high-temperature semi products. Most silicone strips are extrusion molding and have the advantage of high productivity. Through the silicone extrusion molding, the size of the polygon can be controlled at 0.2mm. Because of the multi-application of silicone strips, Jan-Hui provides customized production of the shape and size of silicone strips.

  • Silicone Plug
    Silicone Plug

    Compression molding or injection molding process can manufacture silicone rubber plugs, which are able to withstand high temperatures. The waterproof plug is made of silicone or rubber commonly. The advantages are as follows: First, the price is cost effective. Second, silicone rubber or rubber have good deformation ability and are superior to other materials in filling the gap. Third, weather resistance and aging resistance are better than plastic. In case of special environment such as oil or chemical, we recommend choosing rubber to produce silicone plugs.

  • Silicone Pad
    Silicone Pad

    Silicone has characteristics of shock absorption and slip resistance. Silicone pads are widely used in electronic products, medical accessories, and household items. We are able to produce silicone pad sizes up to 300 x 300mm with thicknesses between 0.5 and 3.5T. According to the customer's needs, the surface of the silicone pads can be glossy or matte. The material can choose food grade silicone or medical grade silicone. It can also add single-sided adhesive or double-sided adhesive. The shapes of the silicone pad can cut by customized.

  • Silicone Rubber Bushing
    Silicone Rubber Bushing

    Silicone rubber bushings are used to fill the gaps between objects, making them close and reducing wear between objects. Silicone rubber bushings are also used as intermediary materials for mechanical parts. Jan Huei provides customized silicone rubber bushings by compression molding, such as rubber waterproof bushings for plumbing engineering, with a diameter of 150mm and a height of 50mm. It is made of Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM), which is good at weather resistance, chemical resistance, heat resistance, abrasion resistance, water resistance, anti-ozone and UV-cut. The product is suitable for outdoor use.

  • Customized Silicone Parts of Swimming Goggle
    Customized Silicone Parts of Swimming Goggle

    This product is Jan Huei customized goggles silicone accessories. We have been successfully producing this silicone accessory according to the customer's picture and our professional compression molding and injection molding technology. In addition to providing professional process technology, Jun Huei can also provide professional advice for customers in the selection of materials. In this way, silicone accessories is required long-term contact with the skin, so they are made of silicone with better antibacterial and elastic properties Materials also comply with REACH and RoHS compliant. In response to market demand, we can provide multi-color production to diversify product performance. The minimum order quantity for each color is about 1,000.

  • Customized Silicone Holder
    Customized Silicone Holder

    With professional compression technology and customized capabilities, Jan huei is committed to providing customers with a combination of different materials (stainless steel and silicone). This case is for customers looking for a manufacturer that can manufacture silicone-coated stainless steel technology to make silicone mobile phone holder. By this case, the mold needs special development conditions, and the technology is complicated and the finished product needs to comply with RoHS specifications, the customer trust us and cooperate with us.

  • Customized Silicone Bracelet, Silicone Necklace
    Customized Silicone Bracelet, Silicone Necklace

    According to the drawing, Jan Hui will suggest a suitable molding method is compression molding or injection molding for customer. We can customized manufacture products in the volume at least 1K and provide the stably quality control. Because silicone is an environmentally friendly material, it has elasticity and abrasion resistance, and the material has food-grade silicone and medical-grade silicone certification, which become popular material of production. Therefore, customized silicone accessories are mostly used in sports parts, decorations, rehabilitation / health care products and daily necessities.

  • Customized Silicone Earphone Cases
    Customized Silicone Earphone Cases

    According to the design of the engineering drawings, Jan Huei can customize the waterproof earphone cases through compression molding or injection molding. We can customized manufacture products in the volume at least 1K and provide the stably quality control. The earphone cases are designed for thermoplastic headphones, and it size is 20mm x 10mm x 0.6mm.

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